Chartered in 1949, the Monroe Township Volunteer Fire Company #1 ran between 30-50 calls a year, being primarily brush fires. The three bay firehouse was built by the members in 1950. As years went by, the population grew, and with it the call volume. Two other fire companies emerged to help protect the expanding township. These were Applegarth Fire Company and Central Monroe Fire Department. Seeking independence from the other fire companies, the companies petitioned the township to form separate fire districts. The township agreed to the request and Monroe was separated into three independent fire districts. Monroe 1 would protect Fire District #1, Applegarth was assigned District #2, and District #3 was given to Central Monroe Fire Department.

Monroe Township Volunteer Fire Company #1 (Fire District#1) Station51 (Middlesex County), or Monroe 1, proudly protects over 17000 people living in an area of 14 square miles. The company runs six trucks out of a single station and protects a primarily residential area, with a second station used for storage. Our department is a public department whose members are on a combination of paid and volunteer status.

The Monroe Township Volunteer Fire Company #1 currently runs approximately 400 calls a year, with a declining number of brush fires, and a variety of other calls including structure fires, car fires, vehicle extrication, and confined space rescue.

Monroe Township Volunteer Fire Company #1 is dedicated to providing the highest level of service for our community. We are also dedicated to addressing the needs and desires of the citizens in our community, in the areas of prevention, suppression, and effective mitigation of fires and other hazardous situations, within the scope of the resources provided.